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Month: November, 2022

Cuties With Curves From Back In The Day

I know most people just think I’m a cranky old man, but I swear things were better back in my hay day. When it comes to porn, the ladies weren’t little stick figures without any curves. They were meaty and had plenty to grab a hold onto. Porn nowadays just doesn’t do it for me. That’s why I was so happy when I found out I could get up to 56% off with a Score Classics discount. This is where you’ll find the busty porn stars of yesteryear.

A lot of the content you’ll find here comes from the ‘80s and ‘90s. This vintage porn brings back some extremely fond memories. Busty Dusty, Minka, and Danni Ashe are just a few of the familiar faces you’ll get to see in action. There’s a model index with stats for all of the gorgeous girls. When it comes to the action, you’ll be treated to a nice mix of straight and lesbian sex. There’s something here to satisfy your every sexual craving.