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Month: April, 2015

What do all MILF finder studs have in common?

Have you ever paid attention to guys who are on milfhookup and consider themselves MILF finder studs? You’d realize that they can look like anybody. In fact, there’s such a diversity of looks, weight, income levels, educational attainment and other indicators that you might think that there is no such thing as a distinct profile and you would be absolutely correct. You have to remember that when it comes to becoming a MILF finder or any other kind of expert pussy finder, your external appearances don’t really define you. If anything, it’s all internal. Pay attention to the following factors.


It’s not their looks


Since MILF finders can look like anybody, it logically follows that your ability to attract pussy has nothing to do with your physical appearance. With that said, this doesn’t mean that you should look like a complete and total slob. You shouldn’t look like a puss-filled, diseased infested walking penis. I hope you get my point. You should take a shower, get shaved, look presentable but don’t get all hang up on your looks. Your power of attraction doesn’t stem from there.


It’s not their finances


Did you know that a lot of broke guys actually pull a lot of pussy? This is proof-positive that it’s not the amount of money they have. In fact, the more money a guy has, the more insecure he tends to be. This is why a lot of guys who have a lot of money tend to attract gold-diggers who are not that all good-looking. However, there are tons of broke guys out there that have very good-looking pussies surrounding them. So it’s not their finances.


It’s all about confidence and inner calm


If you really want to know the answer, the answer is simple. It’s all about your confidence and your inner calm, You have to remember that 99% of guys out there are scared shitless of pussy. Women scare them. This is why they have this mommy fantasy. They look at MILFs as thes


e grown up moms that would solve all their mommy and self-confidence issues. You can flush all that shit down the toilet because it doesn’t matter. What matters is your confidence and your inner calm. If you do not have these factors, go look for them. Go develop them. Otherwise, you’re never going to amount to much as far as the pussy game is concerned.

You will learn how their wet treasure to play

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