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Month: June, 2019

Make Up Can Be So Deceiving

More often than not I am amazed by MILFs who look a lot younger than their actual age but in this case I can hardly believe that this girl is just a teen. I mean she doesn’t look old, I’d hate to insult her like that but she certainly doesn’t look like a teen to me. If I had to guess her age I would have said she’s around 25 or 26 years old.

It just goes to show how deceiving make up can be.

I love this Scoreland site though because I’m a bit of a fan of the bigger girls. And by that I also don’t mean obese chicks, that’s not my fetish, I just enjoy the chunkier girls, those with a little bit more body and often a lot more in chest size. Yup, I love me me some big ol’ titties 😀

Let’s face it, most guys love big tits and even the girls do too.

I stumbled onto Scoreland’s 56% off discount link while I was porning around. It looks pretty good.