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Month: May, 2018

Young and Plump and Loads of Fun

There are guys, many of them in fact, who are not fans of overweight women. Now look, I won’t lie, gross obesity is not attractive and no-one should aspire to be overweight and even more so, no-one should encourage someone else not to take care of their health as a priority.

That said, you have to be out of your mind if you don’t think this girl as simply gorgeous.

When I was a teenager and concerned about by image and what others thought of me I used to give the bigger girls a wide berth. My friends would have mocked me to no end and in hindsight that was all just bullshit but so is just about everything you think is important when you’re going through puberty.

I am glad that I am able to appreciate the extra curves many women have and that actually makes them sexy.

I was out searching forĀ the best BBW porn sites and stumbled onto the Best Paid Porn Sites Club, all worth a look.

A special mention goes out to the douche in pic with the sunglasses.